Ruei-Che Chang

  Curriculum Vitae  


AccessibleCircuits: Adaptive Add-On Circuit Components for People with Blindness or Low Vision

Ruei-Che Chang, Wen-Ping Wang, Chi-Huan Chiang, Justin Luo, Te-Yen Wu, Zheer Xu, Bing-Yu Chen, Xing-Dong Yang

In Proceedings of CHI' 21      Paper   Video   Talk 

Exploring the Design Space of User-System Communication for Smart-home Routine Assistants

Ruei-Che Chang*, Yi-Shyuan Chiang*, Yi-Lin Chuang, Shih-Ya Chou, Hao-Ping Lee, I-Ju Lin, Jian Hua Jiang Chen, Yung-Ju Chang (*co-primary)

In Proceedings of CHI' 20      Paper   Video   Talk 

Glissade: Generating Balance Shifting Feedback to Facilitate Auxiliary Digital Pen Input

Kai-Chieh Huang, Chen-Kuo Sun, Da-Yuan Huang, Yu-Chun Chen, Ruei-Che Chang , Shuo-wen Hsu, Chih-Yun Yang, Bing-Yu Chen

In Proceedings of CHI' 20      Paper   Video   Talk  🏆 Honorable Mention Award

TanGo: Exploring Expressive Tangible Interactions on Head-Mounted Displays

Ruei-Che Chang* , Chi-Huan Chiang*, Shuo-wen Hsu, Chih-Yun Yang, Da-Yuan Huang, Bing-Yu Chen (*co-primary)

In Proceedings of SUI' 20      Paper   Video   Talk 

Masque: Exploring Lateral Skin Stretch Feedback on the Face with Head-Mounted Displays

Chi Wang, Da-Yuan Huang, Shuo-wen Hsu, Chu-En Hou, Yeu-Luen Chiu, Ruei-Che Chang, Jo-Yu Lo, Bing-Yu Chen

In Proceedings of UIST' 19      Paper   Video   Talk 

Course Projects

Final Project in Rending Algorithm

CS187 Rendring Algorithm at Dartmouth College 2019 [project page]

TextBox: Exploring Text-entry on Head-Mounted Displays

CS189 Topics in HCI at Dartmouth College 2019 [PDF]

Using Three-Step-Search to Realize Tracking System on the Pan-Tilt Platform

Undergraduate Thesis - National Cheng Kung University [PDF]

GUI Toolkits For Rapidly Processing Biopsy Image

Final Project in Image Processing - National Cheng Kung University [PDF]